Commercial building at dusk

It's not always easy to tell what can be left to your building's maintenance staff or when you should hire a professional restoration company. If you're unsure, here are 14 key questions to consider. If you answer yes to any of these, you best leave the work to the pros.  

Does Your Building Have Water Damage?  

If your building has experienced water damage due to flooding, burst pipes, or leaks, it's crucial to hire professionals. They have specialized equipment to extract water, dry affected areas, and prevent mould growth, ensuring a thorough restoration that keeps occupants healthy.  

Does Your Building Have Fire Damage?  

Fire damage not only affects the visible areas but can also compromise the structural integrity of your building. Professionals understand the complexities of fire damage restoration, including odour removal, soot cleanup, and structural repairs. 

Do You Notice Cracks in the Foundation?  

Cracks in the foundation may indicate underlying structural issues that require professional attention. Plus, on the West Coast, these repairs need to be done as immediately as possible.  

Experts can assess the severity of the cracks, determine the cause, and implement appropriate repairs to prevent any further risks. 

Is There Mould or Poor Air Quality?  

Mould growth can pose a serious health risk and indicates a moisture problem, whether that's a leak or something wrong with your commercial HVAC system.  

Professional restoration companies have the expertise to identify the source of moisture, safely remove mould, and improve air quality through proper ventilation and remediation. 

How Extensive Are the Repairs?  

Extensive repairs, such as structural damage or major roof repairs, demand professional expertise. Restoration professionals have the necessary skills, permits, and resources to handle complex projects efficiently and effectively. 

If your commercial building has: 

  • Major structural damage 
  • Complex electrical system repairs 
  • HVAC system restoration or replacement 
  • Roof repairs or replacement 
  • Foundation repairs 
  • Window and door replacements 
  • Flooring restoration or replacement 
  • Exterior siding repairs or replacement 
  • Or extensive mould remediation 

Be sure to contact a professional restoration company before hiring a regular handyman or attempting repairs yourself! 

Is Glazing or Glasswork Involved?  

Working with glass requires precision and knowledge of specific installation techniques. Professional restoration companies have the expertise to handle delicate glasswork, ensuring a secure outcome. 

Is the Building Envelope Involved?  

The building envelope is critical for protecting against moisture intrusion, air leaks, and energy loss. Professionals trained in building science understand how to assess and restore the envelope's integrity, including insulation, weatherproofing, and sealing. 

Do You Notice Worsening Leaks or Drafts?  

Persistent leaks or drafts may indicate underlying issues, such as roofing problems or compromised seals. Restoration professionals have the necessary diagnostic tools and experience to identify the root cause and provide long-lasting solutions. 

Does Your Insurance Only Cover Professional Repairs?  

Some insurance policies require professional restoration work for coverage. Hiring professionals ensures compliance with your insurance terms and guarantees high-quality repairs that meet their standards. 

Is Your Building a High-Rise?  

High-rise buildings present unique challenges, including working at heights, fall protection requirements, and specialized equipment. Restoration professionals with experience in high-rise projects have the skills and safety protocols to tackle these complex jobs effectively. 

Do You Require Multiple Contracting Services?  

If your restoration project involves various trades, such as plumbing, electrical work, and painting, hiring a professional restoration company can simplify the process. They have a network of skilled contractors and project managers who can coordinate these services efficiently. 

Are You Working With a Heritage Building?  

Heritage buildings often require specialized knowledge and techniques for restoration to preserve their unique architectural features. Professional restoration companies experienced in working with heritage buildings understand the historical significance and preservation requirements, including local legislation, to ensure the integrity of the structure is maintained. 

Are You Hoping to Improve Structural Components?  

If you aim to enhance the structural components of your building, such as reinforcing it against earthquakes or improving overall stability, professional restoration companies can assess the existing structure, recommend appropriate modifications, and execute them with proper engineering principles. 

Do You Want the Results to Last Well Into the Future?  

If your goal is long-lasting results for your restoration project, professionals are always your best choice. They possess in-depth knowledge of durable materials, modern building codes, and industry best practices. Their expertise ensures that the restoration work is done with longevity in mind, reducing the need for frequent repairs and maintenance in the future. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Restoration Company Today 

When it comes to restoration projects, the risks of DIY can outweigh the benefits. Plus, not all building maintenance personnel and general contractors are specialized enough for certain repairs.  

Hiring a professional restoration company like the team here at West Coast Building Restoration ensures not only safety but also high-quality, efficient work. We have the necessary experience, skills, and equipment to handle a wide range of restoration projects. Make the smart choice and get in touch with us today